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New Vauxhall Adam

The Vauxhall Adam does not only offer plenty of style, standard kit and a classy cabin but is also able to deliver an enjoyable driving experience. When you browse our collection of cheap Vauxhall Adam cars we can help you save thousands on your new vehicle.

Without compromising on the quality that you deserve, the new Vauxhall Adam’s premium interior is one of its most attractive features. The cabin, which offers a lot of personality thanks to its use of colour, is made up of premium materials and has a state of the art dashboard that’s easy to operate. Practicality is also excellent with plenty of room in the front and back, a comfortable driving position and a generously sized boot.

It’s easy to drive in town due to the fact the cheap Vauxhall Adam offers great suspension, smooth steering and a downright comfortable ride. Under the bonnet there’s no diesel: the Vauxhall Adam instead has a whizzy range of petrol engines that give the little car a sensible amount of power while also remaining incredibly fuel efficient and therefore cost-effective to run.

The new Vauxhall Adam is a good-looking, well-equipped little car that can also perform well when used on a day-to-day basis. To discover your perfect inner-city cruiser at the best possible price, browse and buy with total confidence at Nationwide Cars today.

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