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Cheap Abarth 595

New Abarth 595

The Abarth 595 is the small sports car. This little car may appear cute from a distance, but as you approach it, you see that it is far from it. Nationwide Cars can offer you 3 separate models of Abarth 595s at unbeatable low prices. Thanks to our reliable group of suppliers we are able to offer a price match guarantee.

Surrounded in prestige and heritage, the Abarth 595 takes the basics of the Fiat 500 and adds superior speed and supreme style to an already outstanding car. Each model has it’s own personality to best suit your preferences of speed and style. 

With a max power output of 145hp, 3000 rpm and Sport Mode as standard, the new Abarth 595 is a stunning super-fast small car. With splashes of colour, Abarths trade mark sports kit and reliable Italian manufacturing, no other small car comes close to the Abarth 595. 

Striking both inside and out, the Abarth 595 is made for dashing around the city, whilst also great for zipping along country lanes. See our range of cheap Abarth 595 cars below or take a look at another new Abarth.

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