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Cheap Alfa Romeo Stelvio

New Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Drawing its name from the famous Stelvio mountain pass that links Italy and Switzerland, this SUV is unlike any of its competition. The Stelvio has stuck with traditional Alfa Romeo style and sports their trademark trilobe grill meaning it looks good as well as performing well on the road. It is closer to the Giulia, making it more of a massive saloon rather than an SUV which means you get the best of both worlds with this car.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio offers a range of safety features to protect drivers on the road. These include adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning systems and autonomous emergency braking, all of which do some of the thinking for you to provide quicker alerts and give you more time to react to potential dangers on the road. The integrated braking system combines the braking system and stability control system to provide precise braking inputs - with this, the Stelvio can go from 62mph to standstill in just 39 metres. All of this comes with a luxury Italian interior and modern technology including a dashboard monitor with Sat-Nav and mobile connectivity.

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