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Cheap BMW 6 Series

New BMW 6 Series

Being a sports orientated coupe, the new BMW 6 Series is a very well sorted and desirable executive four-door. At Nationwide Cars, we offer a premium priced range of BMW 6 Series cars, which could save you thousands against the average retail price without compromising on quality.

A distinctive headlamp design and sleek, flowing bodywork gives the BMW 6 Series fantastic road presence, ensuring it turns lots of heads with its striking appearance. And with a luxurious cabin, comfortable driving position and surprisingly spacious boot you get an enjoyable car to drive while embodying visual flair.

Under the bonnet of our cheap BMW 6 Series range, there’s a relatively restricted range of engines on offer with one diesel and two kinds of petrol, which are all turbocharged. However, they’re all brilliant with large amounts of power and performance while they also maintain impressive levels of refinement and affordable running costs.

The new BMW 6 Series overall superbly blends cutting-edge looks with subtle sophistication. To find your perfect BMW 6 Series at the best possible price, browse and buy with total confidence at Nationwide Cars to save thousands on your new vehicle today!


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