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Cheap Citroen C3

New Citroen C3

The French firm's entrant to the supermini sector, the cheap Citroen C3 is available at Nationwide Cars at a hugely discounted price and offers measured performance, economy, comfort, practicality and reliability.

The new Citroen still comes in five-door form only, with the super-stylish three-door DS3, which is also available at Nationwide Cars taking care of three-door version if that’s what the sort of car you are looking for today.

Inside the C3, you get a luxurious and stylish feel in the cab with the panoramic windscreen in most models offering a fabulous view while comfort and practicality are also excellent with a large boot offering plenty space in the back.

Under the bonnet, the surprisingly cheap Citroen C3 offers a fantastic range of diesel and petrol engines that combined with quality suspension and exceptional steering accomplish good handling at high speeds, which means the C3 remains the softest-riding hatchbacks around.

The new C3 is practical yet offers outstanding performance, with its measured handling and high-quality interior making every journey a pleasure. To discover your Citroen C3 deals, browse and buy with total confidence at Nationwide Cars today.


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