Cheap Citroen DS 5

New Citroen DS 5

The new Citroen DS5 is a compact executive car that is available at Nationwide Cars for a shockingly affordable price; offering a technologically sophisticated car that combines attractive styling, an exquisite interior and a refined range of engines.

We can provide a broad variety of cheap Citroen DS5 cars for sale, potentially saving you thousands on your purchase. And with every cheap Citroen DS5 you get a wonderfully accomplished cabin, which includes a number of quirky features such as an oblong clock mounted on the dash as well as loads of aircraft cockpit references in the layout and design of the controls.

The Citroen DS5 is also great to drive; there’s good grip, the controls are light and easy to use while the three engines that are available offer a powerful yet efficient ride for the size of the car. No matter what engine you choose, they all have good punch whether you’re travelling around town or cruising on the motorway over long distances.

Citroen has built up an image of making good value cars, and in many respects that trend continues in the DS5 as it’s one of the best-built and luxurious cars in its class, being beautifully made inside and out. To discover your new Citroen DS5 at the best price on the market, browse and buy with total confidence at Nationwide Cars today!


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