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Cheap Fiat 500X

New Fiat 500X

The new Fiat 500X is the latest addition to the growing 500 range available at Nationwide Cars. It continues the tradition of the other classes, combining a premium appearance, comfortable drive and great practicality whilst adding the attitude of a 4x4 all in one package.

We can provide a broad variety of cheap Fiat 500X cars for sale at Nationwide Cars, potentially saving you thousands on your purchase. And with every Fiat 500x available at Nationwide Cars, you are always guaranteed to get an attractive interior that feels significantly better built than older Fiats with a premium dashboard, clear touchscreen and high-quality steering wheel all coming as standard.

Whatever your preference, the Fiat 500X offers a fantastic range of Petrol and diesel engines, automatic or manual gearbox and resilient suspension to provide all-weather comfort. And no matter what model you choose the steering always remains light and the throttle response is fabulous.

The new Fiat 500X is a practical 4x4 that offers a stylish appearance and comfortable performance while with its measured handling and high-quality interior, every journey is always a pleasure. To find cheap Fiat 500X deals, browse and buy with total confidence at Nationwide Cars today.

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