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New and Cheap Ford Fiesta

New Ford Fiesta

The brand new Ford Fiesta is a stylish, comfortable and compact car that not only has the top modern tech inside, but also that historic Ford quality synonymous with the car company. It proudly represents the historical Ford quality, synonymous with the famous car company.

At Nationwide Cars we have a huge range of new and cheap Ford Fiesta cars for you to choose from. The affordable Ford Fiesta is available in a variety of models including the Zetec, Titanium and Style. These fantastic cars deliver outstanding fuel economy without compromising on power or performance. For practicality and durability, our cheap Ford Fiesta models are top choices, especially for families and first-time drivers, looking for an incredible car at an affordable price.

With options to suit a variety of budgets, from lower-end trims to the best Ford has to offer, you’ll find the a cheap Ford Fiesta deal at Nationwide Cars. Carry on reading to find out more about this great car in our new Ford Fiesta car review. 

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New Ford Fiesta Hatchback 1.1 Trend 5dr

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The New Ford Fiesta Review

How big is a Ford Fiesta car?

For those seeking a smaller car for everyday travel, the new Ford Fiesta may be just what you’re looking for. The three-door version of the car is ideal for first-time drivers. It’s not only compact and easy to drive but also stylish, which explains its popularity with younger drivers. The five-door version is slightly bigger, losing some of the curvature in the roof above the backseats, which makes the New Ford Fiesta ideal for taller passengers you may have travelling in the back.   


Engine & Economy of the Ford Fiesta

Though the Ford Fiesta is considered a relatively cheap car, you certainly won’t be able to tell by the engine. This car comes in a wide range of different engine sizes, meaning you can always find the perfect size to suit you. The 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine, available in either 99 or 123-brake horse power has a fuel-economy figure of 65.7mpg and emits 99g/km of CO2. This gives you the feel of a 1.6 engine but uses 21% less fuel, an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a fuel-efficient motor.

For those looking for a diesel engine, Ford has two offerings on its new Fiesta model. The first in the 1.6 TDCI, this top engine achieves 85mpg and has CO2 emissions of 87g/km. If this isn’t what you’re looking for Ford has another engine on offer, the 1.5 TDCI. This diesel engine has a low fuel consumption level of 76.4mpg and CO2 emission levels at just 98g/km.

Fiestas are available for both those looking for an automatic or manual gearbox. The automatic gearbox has six speeds, all of which are preselected for you, so you don’t lose any power when you change the gear. The manual gearbox comes with 5-speeds, a great alternative for those who do not want an automatic car.

Every new Ford Fiesta model comes with Auto-Start-Stop to help you use less fuel. The technology automatically switches off your engine once you have stopped dead in heavy traffic. This helps to lower your overall fuel consumption by up to 10% and makes for a “greener” alternative to similar cars on the market. It does however still keep power in important parts of the car such as the radio and air conditioning to make sure you don’t lose them once you have stopped.

The final piece of economical tech in the Ford Fiesta is the Ford EcoMode. This mode continually assesses the effects of your driving behaviour and follows up with advice on what you can change to be more economical. The Ford Fiesta is not only cheap to run but it also comes with added features, such as speed analysis, gear shifting, braking, anticipation levels and more.

 Red Ford Fiesta turning a corner down a quiet road.

The Ford Fiesta Driving Technology

The driving technology available to Fiesta drivers is one of the biggest selling points of this car, besides its affordable price tag. There’s a whole host of different technologies available that are bound to quench the thirst of any tech buff.

The first noticeable piece of tech in the Ford Fiesta car are the rear parking sensors that designed to help you park more comfortably. They are the perfect tool to help you gauge the distance between your vehicle and the space you are reversing into.  The closer you get to an object the more frequent the alarm sounds, making your parking a hassle-free process. Some of the Ford Fiesta models even have a rear-parking camera to make the process even easier.

Also available on a variety of Ford Fiesta models is the key-free lock system. This system allows you to unlock your doors or boot without actually having to use your key. This can be especially handy when you have a ton of shopping in your hands.

Push to start buttons have been been a buyer’s favourite for many years now. In the new Ford Fiestas you have the ability to start your car with the single touch of a button. Once you get in the car with the key fob in your pocket, the car detects the key and allows you to start it through its start button.

Every Fiesta model comes with Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS). This steering creates a smoother drive for the user and offers the driver a lot more control when travelling at a faster speed. Many EPAS run off fuel and are a continuous use of energy, however the Ford Fiesta does not have this issue. Instead, the EPAS is only activated when needed, thus helping improve fuel efficiency and make it even more cost-effective.

The centre console is one of the first things a person notices when they get in a car. It is therefore important that the console is both stylish and easy to use; these are two traits the new Ford Fiesta cars boast proudly. Multifunctional design is at the heart of the consoles and you can see it has been thought about every step of the way. Every function in the Fiesta car can be easily activated on the centre console or through the toggles on the steering wheel.

The integrated navigation system available on the Ford Fiesta has a 5 inch colour screen that is simple to read and interpret. It also links up with your audio system to deliver directions through your speakers. The system works in real time, and it takes into account the latest traffic conditions to help give you an accurate estimated time of arrival.

The Ford Sync is one of our favourite pieces of tech in the new Ford Fiesta. This smart technology allows you to make and receive calls on your mobile, which has been paired with your car via Bluetooth. Once connected, simple voice commands can be used to call contacts, control music and more. This system even reads out text messages that have been sent to your mobile, giving you a truly hands-free experience whilst driving. It also helps protect the driver, if they are ever part of a serious accident. Should this happen the system can be set to call the emergency services to your location in the event of such a circumstance.

MyKey is another nifty new feature in the Ford Fiesta cars that can give parents the peace of mind while their kids are on the road. This intelligent programme allows the user to control a whole host of different settings in the car to encourage safer driving. This can be anything from setting a maximum speed limit to being able to control the music volume. It is a must-have for any new driver learning the rules on the road.

Though cheap to purchase, the Ford Fiesta model does not compromise on quality. There are many other tech features that we have not touched upon, including cruise control, quick clear windscreens, automatic headlights, electric foldable mirrors, home safe headlights and more.


Ford Fiesta's Entertainment System

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the cheap Ford Fiesta has one of the best in car entertainment systems available in hatchbacks on the market, with two different types available. At Nationwide Cars we recommend the optional, state-of-the-art Sony DAB radio and CD system. This system allows the driver to enjoy their favourite music whilst driving, displaying all the information they might be wondering about, such as track and artist, on a screen above the centre console. The system also has an additional premium feature that displays the local news to keep you up to date while you travel.

This entertainment system pairs perfectly with the Ford SYNC technology mentioned earlier. This means you can skip tracks, choose songs and more, just by using voice commands. The Ford Fiesta models support Bluetooth, so you can choose from the media library on your phone, making the days of carrying hundreds of CDs around in your car, a thing of the past. 

The inside of a brand new Ford Fiesta

Safety Features

For those who are more safety conscious, the Ford Fiesta cars boast a ton of features to help you feel safe when driving down the road. Active City Stop is one of the top safety features on the car, allowing the driver to avoid collisions when travelling at speeds under 19 mph. It does this through being able to detect when a car in front of you has stopped in slow moving traffic. Once the car in front stops, your Ford Fiesta will also cease to move, to prevent an accident.

Hill Start Assist is another key feature in the cheap Ford Fiesta. It is a welcomed boost by those who struggle when trying to start a car on a hill. It stops you temporarily rolling backwards when making a hill start, giving you more time and control when you begin to accelerate from a standing start.

If you are ever in the unlikely event of a serious accident, you can rest assured you are safe when travelling in a Ford Fiesta. There are a number of airbags in the car, which can be found at all angles, including both at the front and the side of the car.

The final safety feature we want to focus on is the Fiesta’s Electronic Stability Control. ESC constantly monitors your driving and notices if you start to veer off to one side or skid. If this happens, it automatically corrects your road position aiding you in maintaining the control of your vehicle.


Interior and colours

Despite the weather outside, you can be sure you will be comfortable and warm when inside of the Ford Fiesta. Every model comes with fully adjustable front seats for the driver and the passenger. And even some of the cheaper Ford Fiesta models will have the added extra of heated seats to keep you and your passenger warm on the coldest of winter nights.

Each seat inside the Ford Fiesta is comfortable and stylish. The steering wheel is made from leather and features white stitching to create a contrasted look; this is the same kind of stitching found on the Fiesta’s gearshift. The white theme expands throughout the car, with white contrast handles inserted on the inside of both the passengers’ and drivers’ doors.

There are over ten different colours to choose from in the Fiesta range including favourites such as: Candy Red, Deep Impact Blue, Frozen White, Race Red and more. 

If you are considering investing in the affordable and reliable Ford Fiesta as your new car, make sure to browse our wide range of options and fantastic deals, without compromise on quality.

Brand new Ford Fiesta