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New Ford Focus

New Ford Focus

The brand-new Ford Focus is the ideal family car. Not only does it have a striking, modern look that stands out from other cars of its calibre, but it’s also comfortable to drive in. The Focus has been a favourite among families for many years and it’s easy to see why.

At Nationwide Cars, we have a wide range of new Ford Focus models for you to choose from. You can choose between the traditional hatchback or the larger, more spacious estate, as well as an automatic or manual transmission. The Focus is available in a range of engine sizes and trims, with petrol or diesel options available.

With options to suit many budgets, we offer the best Ford Focus deals around. From lower-end trims to the sportier ST-Line models, we’ll help you find the perfect Focus for you.

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The Ford Focus has been one of the most popular small hatchbacks for the past ten years. It’s not only small and nimble but also easy to drive, which is one of the reasons so many people love it. The current model comes in two different sizes. The first is a small five-door version of the car, which is perfect for drivers who do not want to drive a big car. Alternatively, there is an estate version, which offers a lot more space and is a practical size for a family car.


Engine and Economy

There are a number of different engines to choose from on the new Ford Focus, so you’re guaranteed to find one that fits your needs. The first engine we want to mention is the 1.0L EcoBoost, don’t be fooled by this small engines appearance, despite it being a 1.0L it is surprisingly powerful and will offer sub-100 g/km CO2 emissions. The next petrol engine up is the 1.5L EcoBoost, this brand new engine comes with either a six speed manual gearbox or automatic gearbox.

For those of you who prefer a Diesel engine you can choose between either the 1.6L TDCI or the 2.0L TDCI to choose from.  Our favourite the 2.0L, is available with 150PS and delivers a reduction in emissions over the previous 2.0L diesel it replaced. Manual and automatic versions of the car are both available in a whole host of different engine sizes.

Auto Start-Stop is available with all models and helps improve economy for city drivers. This feature cuts off your engine when at a standing stop. Once your ready to move again, all you have to do is press down the clutch and the engine restarts, reducing your fuel consumption. This feature can be especially effective for city drivers who are regularly queuing.

Perhaps the most impressive economic feature on the Ford Focus is its Eco Mode System. This system monitors the effects of your driving behaviour and then uses that data to make informed recommendations on how you can improve. This tool is ideal for drivers that are constantly striving to become more economic. 

Brand new Ford Focus in blue

Driving Technology

If you’re a fan of modern driving technology you’re sure to be in your element behind the wheel of a Ford Focus. As soon as you step in the car and turn on the engine there are a number of pieces of tech that have already kicked in. One of them we want to Focus on is the quick clear windscreen. This windscreen clears all frost and ice in a matter of seconds and saves you precious time in the morning when setting off on your journey.

Parking can be an issue for many drivers and whether you struggle with it or not it’s always nice to know you have that extra bit of help if you need it. Active Park Assist technology aids you in parking into both parallel and perpendicular spaces, it does this by first detecting a space or gap and then controlling the steering as you control the pedals to reverse into it. The car even comes with Park Out Assist to help you get out of those spaces you have just been into.  

Cruise Control is another top feature the Ford Focus boasts. The version that comes on the Ford Focus adapts as you’re on the road, it does this through a built in RADAR, which detects if there is a vehicle ahead of you. If there is a car ahead the car will slow down to maintain a set distance from the car. Once this car has turned off the road or has sped up far enough ahead the system will accelerate to your original chosen speed.

The smart headlamps on the new Ford Focus adapt to your situation while you’re on the road. The headlamps have four different settings, each one will suit a certain type of road, offering you the best beam pattern possible to maximise your light distribution.

MyKey is available on a number of different Ford cars and is the perfect solution for parents of young drivers who want to keep their children safe. This great piece of technology allows the user to set a number of limits/settings on the car to help keep the driver safe. You can control everything from the maximum speed the car can travel all the way down to the height the volume can be turned on the radio up when driving. Each setting is designed to keep the driver safe and helps put parents minds at ease when their children are in their first few months of driving.

For those of you switching over from petrol to a diesel or vice versa, there’s Ford Easy-Fuel. This clever technology prevents you from putting the wrong fuel in your car.  This is because the wrong nozzle will not fit in the car, making it impossible for you to put the wrong type of fuel in.

The final piece of top tech we want to focus on in the new Ford Focus are its rain sensing wipers. These wipers automatically start up as soon they detect moisture on your windscreen. Their speed then adjusts to the conditions you’re driving in. 


Safety Features

There are a number of different safety features available in the new Ford Focus to help keep both you and your passengers safe when on the road. First off we have the Pre-Collision Assist available on the new model. This system detects whether or not a imminent crash is probable, if so it sends a message to the driver to notify them. If there is no reaction the car then begins to apply medium brake force to keep both driver and passengers safe. This technology could be potentially life saving, as it can not only soften collisions but also avoid them completely.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is one of the most impressive features on the new Ford Focus. It has the ability to correct any deviations in your driving should you encounter a problem whilst travelling on the road. An example of this would be if you begin to skid whilst driving, the ESC will pick up on the fact you have deviated from your driving line and help correct your road position for you. The system is always switched on giving you peace of mind when driving, however if you are stuck in mud or snow you can disable the system to help you get out.

Night-time drivers will be pleased to hear the new Ford Focus comes with special Auto High Beam lights. These lights temporarily dip when they detect vehicles approaching; this stops other drivers from being dazzled as they approach you. Once the road is clear again the lights revert back to their normal high beam, giving you the best visibility possible.

There are also a number of alerts to help you stay safe when on the road. Our favourite has to be Driver Alert, which monitors how tired you are whilst travelling on the road. If you do become too tired an alert will pop up on your display suggesting that you should take a break.  Other alerts available include both low fuel and tyre warning, to make sure you’re as safe as can be whilst travelling.

The last safety feature we want to mention in our roundup is the Blind Spot Information System that comes with every model. BLIS uses radar sensors to spot vehicles that may be covered by your blind spot. If this is the case, a light in the side of the mirror illuminates to let the driver know, preventing any collision that could have occurred.


Interior and Colour

The new Ford Focus is available in ten different colours, so you can be sure to find the right colour to suit both your style and personality. Colours include: Race Red, Frozen White, Magnetic, Deep Impact Blue, Shadow Black and more.

Once you step inside the car one of the first things that strikes you is the centre console. It has a modern look with a built in touchscreen that gives you access to a whole host of different controls for the car.  Also built in is both a DAB radio and CD player along with Bluetooth that can be connected to almost any smart phone.

The whole interior of the car is stylish but one of the most impressive parts has to be the steering wheel, which not only has an ergonomic design but can also be heated. Another handy feature the steering wheel has is the amount of button controls built into it. These controls now do much more than skip the song you’re playing, on the New Ford Focus you can make a call, monitor driving stats and much more all through he use of the buttons on your steering wheel. 

The inside of a brand new Ford Focus