Cheap Ford Mondeo Vignale

New Ford Mondeo Vignale

A luxury upgrade to the Ford Mondeo, the new Mondeo Vignale is the first model to emerge from Ford’s Vignale brand. As with other cars under this brand, the Mondeo Vignale offers a comfortable and smooth driving experience.

More than just a trim-level, the Mondeo Vignale is a refined car; it’s equipped with a new Active Noise Cancellation system while acoustic glass also helps to reduce noise. Like others from the Vignale brand, it’s continually responsive to road conditions and utilises upgraded technologies to give you a cutting-edge driving experience. The Active City Stop feature and Rear Inflatable Seatbelts mean that the Mondeo Vignale is designed with safety in mind.

The discount Ford Mondeo Vignale is an athletic and elegant car. Browse our range of models below or view our other Ford cars for sale.

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