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Cheap Honda Jazz

New Honda Jazz

A small car which makes a big impression, the Honda Jazz is an amazing supermini that has a unique, sleek sporty edge, all while offering plenty of space and comfort. This generation of Honda Jazz is all new, and it has been designed with performance in mind.

The new Honda Jazz comes as either a manual or automatic, with a 1.3 litre i-VTEC engine ensuring you get from A to B with plenty of fuel to spare. The next generation Earth Dreams Technology engine delivers an impressive 61.4 MPG, solidifying its stance as a top economical performer in its class. This is all topped off with Honda’s Idle Stop technology - when the red light is on, your engine switches off, ensuring fuel is only used when you need it to be. 

With all the additional safety trademarks that make a Honda, as well as Honda’s CONNECT system, the Honda Jazz well and truly stands out as a small family car, a firm choice for a quick get around.

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