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Cheap Peugeot 108

New Peugeot 108

Searching for a stylish small city car? Look no further than the stunning collection of new Peugeot 108 models at Nationwide Cars' today. And with our price match guarantee, we will save you thousands on your new car, without compromising on the high quality that you’re looking for.

With its sharper appearance, practicality and some plush options including a retractable fabric roof, the 108 has all the relevant boxes ticked and feels like a more up to date car than the 107 it replaced.

This latest model also adds equipment such as a touchscreen infotainment system, air conditioning, plus automatic headlights and wipers.

For its size, our cheap Peugeot 108 cars are also very safe vehicles. The four out of five score it was awarded in Euro NCAP crash tests is comparable with rivals’, while an electronic stability programme, six airbags and anti-lock brakes are standard across the range.

Whatever your needs, if you want to inject a sense of style into your motoring, our range of new Peugeot 108 cars offer a broad range of personalisation options. These include a wide choice of bright colours, three interior themes and seven styling packs for you to put your stamp on the car.

So if you want a cool small city car with a comfortable ride and lots of kit, our discounted Peugeot 108 is certainly worth a browse. To find your perfect Peugeot 108 with at a guaranteed best-price, search Nationwide Cars’ range today.

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