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The new Toyota Auris is a reliable and spacious hatchback with a stylish appearance thanks to a 2015 facelift. When purchasing at Nationwide Cars, you can save thousands on your new vehicle with the assistance of our unrivalled customer service.

Smart and well designed, the interior of the cheap Toyota Auris matches its exterior with a slick, well-built layout made up of premium materials. Space is also generous in the front and back. Most versions also come with Toyota's state-of-the-art Touch 2 seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system, while the rest of the dashboard’s controls are logically laid out and straightforward to operate.

Under the bonnet the new Toyota Auris offers one diesel, one petrol-electric hybrid and one standard petrol engine. No matter your preference, the Toyota Auris remains composed on the road thanks to its light steering and notably good suspension.

The Toyota Auris has many excellent qualities, offering reliability, style and unmatched fuel efficiency. To get your hands on the cheap Toyota Auris at the best possible price, just browse and buy with Nationwide Cars today!


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