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Cheap Toyota Prius +

New Toyota Prius +

If you are an admirer of the Toyota Prius but you’re looking to combine hybrid motoring with family life, the new Toyota Prius+ is an exciting, practical and amazingly versatile option.

When you buy from Nationwide Cars you get an unequalled deal on your new car coupled with our high levels of customer service.

Under the glossy exterior, the cheap Toyota Prius+ should be applauded for its modern, well-built interior with soft-to-the-touch plastics throughout the sophistically laid out cabin. Space, as you'd imagine in a people carrier, is also plentiful, and the boot is enormous.

The Toyota Prius+ is charming, quiet and comfortable to drive, making it suitably relaxing whether you're in the city or on the motorway.  Under the bonnet, the new Toyota Prius comes fitted with a 1.8-litre petrol engine and electric motor, which combined give you sufficient power while retaining the Prius’ outstanding standard of fuel efficiency.

The practical, well-built seven-seater Toyota Prius+ offers all the practicality and economy a large family needs on a day-to-day basis. To discover your cheap Toyota Prius+ at the best price on the market, browse and buy with the support of our unmatched customer service at Nationwide Cars today!

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