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New Volvo V40

Buy a cheap Volvo V40 from Nationwide Cars. The Volvo V40 is a premium family hatchback that offers comfort, style and a range of efficient yet powerful engines. The new Volvo V40’s interior is flashy but high quality and polished aluminum trim on the state-of-the-art centre console makes for a premium atmosphere. The spacious interiors ensure a comfortable driving position while the room in the boot is plenty enough for the class standard. All of these features for a fraction of the regular retail price when buying at Nationwide Cars, thanks to our price match guarantee.

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Volvo V40 Specifications 

The Volvo V40 (2012 onwards) goes from 0-60MPH in 5.9 to 11.7 seconds, and takes 34 - 84MPG. The V40 (2013 onwards)  also goes from 0-60 in 5.9 - 11.7 seconds and takes 34 - 76 MPG. If you’re after a Volvo V40 with impressive fuel and CO2 efficiency, then consider the 1.6 litre D2 diesel. 

With similar mechanical parts as the Ford Focus, the V40 excels in its handling prowess, and has more control and safety than the BMW 1 Series. With the exception of the sportiest versions, the cheap Volvo V40 combines an excellent balance of nimble handling and stable suspension. Under the bonnet, it’s offered with a choice of petrol and diesel engines, which combine an extraordinary blend of performance and fuel economy. The cheap Volvo V40 comes ready with all the latest safety tech that the Swedish brand has to offer. It received a full 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP and was named the world’s safest car as it got the best result in the tests.

Overall, the new Volvo V40 is an accomplished all-rounder in this fiercely competitive area of the industry. Contact Nationwide Cars today and with the advice of our helpful staff, we promise to work with you to discover your dream low-priced Volvo car or van today!