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From its excellent driving capability and outstanding fuel efficiency to its safety features and versatile nature, the new Ford Transit has set the standard in its class for over half a century. That’s why it remains the go-to van for businesses across the world.

The cheap Ford Transit van offers drivers superb in-cab refinement, thanks to the feeling of durability and the tough plastics inside. The level of technology is also seriously impressive for a van of its size; an easy-to-operate central display screen is one stand-out feature. Under the bonnet, every engine on offer is now a 2.2-litre turbodiesel, providing enough power to make the cheap Ford Transit feel at home when you’re navigating city streets or cruising down the motorway. Good fuel efficiency and safety features also impress.

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Ford Transit Review


The Ford Transit is perhaps the most iconic van in the world, with the only other Ford vehicles to shift more volume being the Focus and the Fiesta. While Ford may be an American manufacturer, the Transit is in fact a staple of Britain, with engine building taking place in Dagenham and the Transit being designed and manufactured in Ford’s engineering centre in Dunton. 

Available in various shapes and sizes, there is no standard sized Ford Transit van. Short, medium and long wheel-bases are all available, taking weights as large as 1446kg. All vans come with the same side-door entry size, at 1300mm, with the maximum rear loadspace width standing at 1784mm.

Each van specification also comes at differing heights and lengths. Ford Transit lengths vary from 5531mm to 6704mm, with heights ranging from 2426mm to 2790mm. All vans come in a 2474mm width.


Engine & Economy

With almost 20 different variants of the standard Ford Transit, one thing that allows you an easy decision is that all models come with a 2.0-litre TDCi Ford EcoBoost engine. Some models are available with automatic gearboxes. Varying degrees of bhp are also available, depending on how you plan to use your van.

The most economical of all the models is the FWD 290 or 310 series, managing a combined 42.8 mpg. The lowest mpg registered is on the AWD version of the van, coming in at a combined 32.5 mpg.


Driving Technology

There is a host of differing driver technologies that can be integrated into a Ford Transit van. With such a large vehicle, having all the assistance you can get when maneuvering your van will be a welcomed sigh of relief, especially if you find yourself in a rush or in a tight situation. Ford’s Trailer Hitch Assist allows you to see exactly what is behind your van, with a rear mounted camera linking up to the Ford SYNC screen in your van available as an optional extra. 

The Ford SYNC screen also has various other capabilities that can make your Ford Transit a much better place to be. Bluetooth audio streaming allows you to link any compatible device to your vehicle's audio system. As part of the complete bluetooth connectivity, you can control your phone through simple voice commands, so you can change songs, make calls and request navigation, all while keeping two-hands on the steering wheel. The Ford 3D navigation systems is clearly visible on the 6” colour screen mounted on the centre console.  The touch screen display also supplies the driver with live traffic alerts.


Safety Features

One final element of Ford SYNC is the option to request emergency assist, as long as your mobile device is connected to the van via the bluetooth in your Ford Transit. The system works in over 40 European countries and regions, and is triggered in the event of an incident that involves airbag deployment or the fuel pump being shut off. 

There are various other driver safety features that may be required, depending on how and what you plan on using your Ford Transit van for. For long distance motorway driving, we recommend getting the Adaptive Cruise Control system. This system allows you to cruise with ease as you move around the country, while also being assured that any dramatic events that may happen around you are covered, with Pre-collision Assist, Forward Alert and Traffic Sign Recognition. As well as this, the option of Lane-Keeping Alert systems on the van is worth noting. 

For country and city driving, the Ford Transit comes with emergency brake assist, hill start assist and trailer sway control which, while being helpful added features, also greatly reduce the chance of any serious incident occurring while you are on the road.


Interior & Colours

The interior of the Ford Transit has been designed to withstand wear and tear, with simple black, charcoal and grey colour schemes ensuring that any marks or stains are easily concealed within the fabric. The Ford Transit van is built with durability and practicality in mind, so a simplistic and easy design has been applied to the cabin. 

Externally, the Ford Transit maintains the same simplistic style that has become synonymous with the model over the years, with this generation of vans being the 8th redesign of the world famous brand. From a colour scheme perspective, not much has changed from the vans early days, with simple blacks, white, greys, reds and blues making up the range of colours you can select when ordering your Ford Transit van.