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From its excellent driving capability and outstanding fuel efficiency to its safety features and versatile nature, the new Ford Transit available at Nationwide Cars has set the standard in its class for over half a century. That’s why it remains the go-to van for businesses across the world.

The cheap Ford Transit van offers drivers superb in-cab refinement, thanks to the feeling of durability and the tough plastics inside. The level of technology is also seriously impressive for a van of its size; an easy-to-operate central display screen is one stand-out feature.

Under the bonnet, every engine on offer is now a 2.2-litre turbodiesel, providing enough power to make the cheap Ford Transit feel at home when you’re navigating city streets or cruising down the motorway. Good fuel efficiency and safety features also impress.

Since its launch in 1965, the new Ford Transit van has proved ground-breaking for its car-like driving experience and impressive versatility.  To get your Ford Transit van at an unbeatable price, and to benefit from our unmatched levels of customer service, browse and buy with Nationwide Cars today!

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