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New Mitsubishi L200

The new Mitsubishi L200 has a long and illustrious history in the UK pick-up market stretching over the last 30 years. Thanks to our price-match guarantee, you can find a new Mitsubishi L200 available at Nationwide Cars for a fraction of the retail price.

Under its refreshed styling outside, there are three sophistically laid out cabin sizes to choose from with the choice of two, four or five seats. Practicality is also impressive as there is plenty of space in the load area, while towing is also straightforward within the Mitsubishi L200.

Under the bonnet, engine choice in the cheap Mitsubishi L200 is between two power outputs of the same 2.5-litre diesel while there is also the option of a manual or automatic gearbox. No matter which engine you choose, the discount Mitsubishi L200 always has enough power to feel at home on the motorway, even when its towing.

Handsome looks, fabulous off-road ability and seriously impressive carrying and towing capabilities make the cheap Mitsubishi L200 exactly the sort of pick-up any buyer would be searching for.

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Mitsubishi L200 Review


Setting new standards in the pick-up class, the Mitsubishi L200 offers real value. You can choose from three different body styles and specifications, from the basic two toor to the full-five seater double cab. All models are spacious, and offer a particularly generous load bay. The manual tailgate is very easy to operate, while all models can carry at least a tonne in the load bay. By attaching a braked trailer, the L200 reaches a total trailer and payload carrying capacity that none of its pickup rivals can match.

In the Double-Cab form, the van has a length of 5,285mm, while the Single-Cab offers a load area length of 2,265mm. The cabin itself is spacious, with plenty of headroom and a decent amount of storage space, including big door bins and a deep central cubby.


Engine & Economy

The L200 is very good in terms of fuel economy, due to its common-rail turbo diesel engine. The best fuel economy comes with the entry-level 4Life model, which offers a 40.9mpg combined economy figure and CO2 emissions of 180g/km. Even higher end engines reach decent figures, with the 5-speed auto offering 37.7mpg.

The L200's driving experience is also respectable, with pretty responsive steering and effective braking - although you need to bear in mind that this sturdy vehicle is designed to carry and tow cargo. Speed, of course, depends on the engine, with the 151bhp model taking 12.2 seconds to reach 62mph compared to the 178bhp's 10.4 seconds.


Driving Technology

The L200's real asset is its 2.4-litre MIVEC diesel engine with common-rail injection and variable valve timing, putting it ahead of the competition in terms of performance. The L200 drives best on motorways; it can be a bit shaky on poorer, uneven road conditions due to its heavy-duty rear suspension.


Safety Features

The most recent model offers an upgrade in terms of safety and reliability, with a reinforced chassis. The van's standard list of safety equipment is impressive, with numerous more advanced features. The Mitsubishi L200 scored particularly well for adult and child occupant safety in Euro NCAP's tests.

In terms of specific safety features, the L200's stability and traction control systems helps to correct understeer, while Trailer Stability Assist adjusts this systems responses based on whether a trailer is attached. In addition, the van includes seven airbags, Hill Start Assist and an adjustable speed limiter. Higher spec models also offer Bi-Xenon headlamps and hill descent control.