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If you’re looking for a cheap Nissan Navara, browse our range of offers on the all new Nissan Navara NP300. The Nissan Navara is a supremely capable pickup truck; robust yet versatile, tough yet comfortable, this reliable pickup has been designed for the road as well as extreme terrain.

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Nissan Navara Review


The size of the Nissan Navara depends on the choice between the King-Cab model and Double-Cab model. The King-Cab offers slightly more load length - 1,750mm compared to 1,537mm in the Double-Cab - although this does come with less sophisticated suspension systems.

The rear seats in the Navara are not ideal for longer journeys due to limited space for adults. However, this space could still be ideal for carrying extra tools and equipment and these can also be folded down for added space. However, in the Double-Cab model the rear seat space is considerably improved by pick-up standards. You can even fit a 6-foot passenger behind an equally tall driver in that model and seat three in the back.

Payload capacity between the two models is marginal, with the King-Cab offering 1,074kg compared to 1,056kg for the Double-Cab model. The maximum payload for the Navara is 1,156kg, with the 2-wheel drive King-Cab model.


Engine & Economy

The Navara comes with a four-cylinder 2.3-litre diesel engine along with a choice of 158bhp or 187bhp due to single or twin turbos. Fuel economy varies depending on which model of the Navara you opt for, but the average efficiency the Navara manages is 44 to 46mpg.

An economical theme is carried through the Navara as Nissan offer a 5-year or 100,000 miles warranty that shows just how durable they have designed this pick-up to be. The max towing capability of the Navara is 3,500kg on all 4WD models.


Safety Features

The Navara comes with 7 airbags as standard along with Nissan’s Forward Emergency Braking technology which detects incoming collisions and applies the breaks ahead of time to reduce or prevent the impact. LED daytime running lights come also come as standard. Automatic headlights switch themselves on in poor light conditions and switch back off when you stop the vehicle while the Follow Me Home feature will keep the lights on just long enough for you to reach your door in the dark.

Alongside these features, the Navara offers Vehicle Dynamic Control which monitors steering and braking and if required will reduce engine power and apply the breaks in dangerous situations. This partners up with the traction control system which keeps you on the road and prevents loss of grip in tough terrains. The Advanced Anti-Lock brake system prevents the wheels from locking when you brake hard so you can stop safely. Finally, the Electronic Brake-force Distribution is ideal for when carrying a heavy load and this feature increases rear braking power to reduce stopping distance.



Nissan has gone to great lengths to make the Navara feel like a passenger car inside. Build quality is good which is essential for a working vehicle and you can upgrade the interior with shiny trims to give it an added elegance.

You will also get the NissanConnect centre touchscreen control panel with the Navara which is complete with satellite navigation, radio and mobile connectability. This enables you to access your contacts, play music and use other mobile apps without having to use your phone at the wheel. The majority of these features can be accessed through the steering wheel to provide a complete hands-free drive. There is also plenty of storage in the cab to keep the essentials you’ll need for any trip.