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Cheap Volkswagen Shuttle

New Volkswagen Shuttle

Efficient engines, a modern cab interior and the latest technology ensures the cheap Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle has remained an attractive choice.

Under the bodywork, the cheap Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle has been improved with luxury materials making the cabin an enjoyable place to be. Load space and versatility are also great in this van, available in two wheelbases and three roof heights.

The lively choice of engines combined with its tight turning circle makes the cheap Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle comfortable and enjoyable to drive whether you’re working in town or shifting larger loads. Buyers of the new VW Transporter Shuttle also benefit from surprisingly cheap running costs, which make it a very efficient choice for any business owner or everyday van user.

With more than 12 million Transporters registered over the last 65 years, the cheap Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle is one of the most beloved vans available on the market today. To ensure you get your new VW Transporter Shuttle at the best conceivable price, browse and buy online with Nationwide Cars today.

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Volkswagen Shuttle Review


The VW Shuttle can seat up to 9 people including the driver while still offering 6.7 cubic metres of boot space. However, the Shuttle can also be transformed into a 4 seater vehicle to free up additional space.

In total, there is 5 square metres of floor space to share out, giving drivers the option to transport several people or lots of physical items by simply folding down or removing seats.


Engine & Economy

Volkswagen Shuttle’s have 2.0 litre 4-cylinder turbodiesel engines with 6-speed gearboxes in front-wheel drive. These produce a maximum speed of 170km/h along with 150bhp which produces around 38mpg; competitive in its class.

The Shuttle is also available in automatic which offers a much more relaxing drive compared to its manual partner. The 7-speed automatic model offers almost imperceptible gear changing and delivers an improved driving experience along with the choice between normal and sports mode.


Safety Features

Driver, passenger and side airbags, ABS, and stability control are all offered as standard with the Shuttle. Aside from these standard safety features, there are numerous other systems that can be put in place.

Adaptive Cruise Control monitors the speed of vehicles ahead of you on the motorway and adapts your speed to keep you a safe distance from them and even slowing the Shuttle to a safe stop if needed, while City Emergency Braking alerts drivers to potential threats on the road ahead and can trigger the emergency brakes when it predicts a collision is imminent.

You can even make parking a walk in the park with Parking Assist which alerts you when you are close to hitting other cars or kerbs when slipping into those tight spots. Finally, with intelligent lights, the headlights will automatically adapt their direction and intensity when cornering to show you the way and avoid blinding oncoming traffic even in poor conditions.



Comfort in the VW Shuttle is impressive and matches that of other leaders in the same class. The build is sturdy and made of reliable materials; while this means that the Shuttle might not look as fancy as other VW van models, you can tell it has been built to last.

You will find a range of features in the Shuttle, such as full air conditioning and heating along with a central entertainment system complete with satellite navigation and radio. In terms of communication, there are loudspeakers in the rear so that passengers at the back can hear the driver clearly. There is also the option to sync up a mobile device to access mobile apps through the central console to make calls, send messages and play music while on your journey.