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Cheap BMW i3

New BMW i3

The 4-seater BMW i3 is available as a fully electric version or as a range-extended version that falls back on a two-cylinder petrol engine when the battery is empty. As it produces less than 50g/km of CO2 emissions and can drive further than 70 miles without producing any emissions at all, it has been awarded a category 1 rating. This means that buyers can claim a £3,500 grant from the government when purchasing an i3. In its fully electric version, the i3 produces an impressive 170hp and 250Nm of torque which can propel it to 60mph in 7.3 seconds. The sustainability of this car doesn’t stop with the engine. The vehicle itself is up to 85% recyclable with around 27 plastic bottles used in its production.

Inside the new BMW i3, the large windscreen provides lots of natural light which gives the car a spacious feel in the front. But, as you would expect from a supermini, space in the back is more limited, with boot space is measured at 260 litres. If you’re seeking an eco-friendly car, the i3 is a great choice.

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