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Discount Abarth Cars

Abarth has a rich history dating back to the 1940s, as an Italian racing and road car maker. Nowadays, however, Abarth is more commonly associated with the sports division of its iconic parent company Fiat. Abarth vehicles are essentially Fiats, but on steroids. They take the basic, family-friendly city cars and produce sporty super minis, roadsters and hot-hatch cars that channel Italian styling and speed while utilising advanced technology. 

You can choose from two of the most entertaining and exciting new Abarth cars available; the speedy mini Abarth 595 and the impressive super roadster 124 Spider. Those looking for speedy whip arounds will find that nothing comes close to what Abarth has to offer, with both models being perfect to zip around cities, while not looking out of place in the countryside as the perfect car to get from A to B. All vehicles offer hefty performance in a lightweight package with multiple engine choices available.

We can offer drivers cheap Abarth cars because we have negotiated strong discounts with the manufacturer on new variants. This means you know that you are getting a brand new, top quality speedy Italian car on a small budget. Browse our full range of new Abarth cars for sale below.

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Abarth 595

Abarth 595

From £21,913