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Frequently Asked Questions

Found your perfect vehicle on our site but still have some questions? That’s ok - you can find the answers to our most frequently asked questions below. If the information you need is not listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly expert team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Do you supply new or used vehicles?

All the vehicles supplied by Nationwide Cars are brand new, we do not supply used vehicles.  Being brand new means that they all come with the manufacturer’s roadside assistance, including a 12 months license and government registration fee. There are no hidden fees when you buy your vehicle from Nationwide Cars - the price you pay will be the price you see.


What is the process of ordering a vehicle through Nationwide Cars?

When you have found your ideal vehicle, Nationwide Cars will supply the quote, and source the vehicle through a franchised main dealer. Your contract will be with Nationwide Cars because of our ability to supply the requested vehicle at a discounted price. 

Nationwide Cars has a family history of over 40 years in the automotive and car sales industry, so you can rest assured we have the expertise and experience to support you through every step of the purchasing process.


What paperwork will be needed when purchasing a new vehicle?

We provide all our quotations and confirmation of order in writing and ask that customers fill them in and send them back. We will require a signed copy of the agreement we supply you with and a copy of your driving license (for money laundering purposes).


Are there any extra fees and charges I should be aware of?

At Nationwide Cars we do not have any hidden fees. You will only pay the price quoted subject to your exact specifications.


Is delivery included in the vehicle price?

We will deliver your new car or van to your chosen location, with no hidden fees and charges. Our delivery is free and always will be.

We deliver to all parts of the UK, though during the nature of our job and availability of return transport for our drivers, we might ask customers in the northern parts of Scotland to collect from Glasgow or Edinburgh.


How long will it take to have my vehicle delivered?

If you order a vehicle that we have in stock or have found the exact car you want on our website we can order this for you immediately. If you are placing a custom-built order, the delivery time will depend on the manufacturer’s lead time.

Alternatively, if you can’t find the exact car you want, we can source a similar one for you, which could reduce the waiting time between purchase and delivery.


Do I have to pay a deposit when purchasing a new vehicle?

All vehicles require an initial deposit, which is £500 for cars or £1000 for commercial vehicles. For custom-built orders, there might be an additional cost, depending on the customisation required. 


How can I pay for my new vehicle?

There are three ways to pay for your new vehicle from Nationwide Cars: 

1. Through standard cash purchase - the preferred method for our customers.

2. Hire Purchase Finance (HP) - Over an agreed term, you will repay the capital cost of your new vehicle over monthly instalments along with interest incurred.

3. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Car Finance - The customer pays an initial deposit, followed by a series of monthly payments and at the end of the term the customer then has the option to make a final lump sum payment in order to own the car, or to merely return the car with no further obligations.

We do not offer leasing on our vehicles!


Can I arrange my own finance?

If you wish to arrange your own finance, Nationwide Cars will liaise with your chosen finance company without charging an additional fee. 


Do you offer leasing?

No, Nationwide Cars does not offer leasing on any of our vehicles.


Do you accept tradings?

At Nationwide Cars, we are happy to accept valuations as long as the vehicle is under 100,000 miles and less than 10 years old. Some exceptions apply so please ask our sales team to see if your vehicle is eligible for a part exchange.