In light of current circumstances, we have taken the decision for all staff to work from home without any interruption to our operations. Our office hours will be unaffected and our team look forward to helping with all enquiries. read more

COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 - Update 1st July 2020

On behalf on Nationwide Cars, I would like to thank all our existing and new customers for their patience, during what has been an unprecedented time for us all. We have continued to work throughout, keeping customers with live orders updated and trying to service new customers, who still required new vehicles.

We continue to work with our suppliers to ensure that our industry moves as efficiently as possible, but we are aware that there are still large restrictions in places, both with a heavily reduced workforce within the dealer networks and logistics within the supply chain. We endeavour to provide up to date information for all customers with as little impact as possible.

Moving forward, we have taken the decision to allow our staff to continue working from home to ensure their safety whist the treat of COVID-19 is still present. Our decision to allow employees to continue working from home, is a permanent one to benefit from various factors, such as a reduced impact on our environment and to improve the home/work life balance for all our staff. We will also be looking into other ways in which we can help reduce the impact of the motor industry for our business and that of our customer’s, as a responsible company. More of this to follow in due course.

In the current climate, I would like to welcome all our new customers and would like ask for their patience as we deal with an unprecedented increase in volume of enquiries as our team work in tandem to respond to all customers as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to get you all motoring soon!

Best wishes,
Dominic Whitecross
Managing Director 



After careful consideration and following current guidelines from the UK Government, we have taken the decision for all our staff to work from home. Our operatives have the full capability to work as normal and our communications via email and phone lines will not be affected. Our office hours will also remain the same during this period, until further notice.

Should any member of staff fall ill and become unable to work in their normal capacity, during this period, this will be broadcasted on their emails with an out of office statement, and communications will be passed onto other members of the team.

With regard to existing orders that are in place and awaiting delivery, we will continue to work with our suppliers and will keep customers updated throughout this period. Should any existing customers have any concerns about their orders, they are to contact the original salesperson who dealt with that respective order.

Until further notice, all deliveries and updates will carry on as normal and as such, no orders have been affected to date. 

As for new prospective customers, we welcome all new enquires and our team will continue to quote prices and lead times subject to manufacturers updates. We do anticipate some delays in lead times for future orders, but this will be communicated as updates become available, subject to any factory closures or logistical constraints.

All orders will be satisfied as originally agreed, in line with current guidelines relating to the movement of goods and people, as advised by the UK Government. Any deviation to original lead times, will be minimised at all reasonable measures and any delays will be communicated to those respective customers at the first opportunity.

On behalf of my team, I would like to thank all existing and new customers for their support during this difficult period and we look forward to working with you in the coming weeks. Any future updates subsequent to this one, will be communicated on this page below.

Best wishes and good health to all,

Dominic Whitecross
Managing Director
Nationwide Cars Ltd