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New Nissan Ariya For Sale

New Nissan Ariya

The new Nissan Ariya is Nissan’s first electric coupe-crossover SUV, featuring state-of-the-art driving and safety technology, as well as a premium-looking interior. There’s also plenty of in-car connectivity as standard, with Nissan Voice Control and Amazon’s Alexa coming as standard.

With its futuristic looks, the design of the Nissan Ariya is both striking and eye-catching. The interior is spacious and comfortable, making the driver and passengers feel at one with the car. There’s also plenty of boot space available, meaning that you can store a shopping trolley full of groceries with minimal fuss.

When driving the Nissan Ariya, it not only handles brilliantly for an electric SUV, but it also provides excellent range for a car of its class. You can choose from a range of battery options, starting from 63kW, all the way up to 87kW. The 63kW option delivers a maximum range of up to 250 miles, while the 87kW provides up to 310 miles on a single charge.

New Nissan Ariya deals from Nationwide Cars

If you are looking for the best Nissan Ariya deals, Nationwide Cars can help you find the right Nissan Ariya for you. With its excellent handling and battery options, delivering plenty of range, as well as all-wheel drive, which makes it perfect for driving in all weather conditions. You can buy the new Nissan Ariya for sale at Nationwide Cars today.

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