Cheap Nissan E-NV200

New Nissan E-NV200

The cheap Nissan e-NV200 has a very unique appeal, being the largest all-electric van on the market. Better yet, when you buy at Nationwide Cars, you are certain to get the best deal on your new van thanks to our unrivalled price match guarantee.

The cabin of the cheap Nissan e-NV200 offers a refined interior with a brand new steering wheel, prominent driving position and dashboard giving it a premium feeling. The basic model also has technology built in including a rear view camera and Bluetooth plus electric windows and air conditioning come as standard.

Out on the road, the cheap Nissan e-NV200 produces car-like handling and responsiveness while the state of the art suspension also delivers excellent ride quality in all conditions. The electric motor under the bonnet is lively, so the van feels quick when driving in town. Recharging also shouldn't be a problem as charging points are now common with many being the ‘rapid’ type that can power the battery up to almost full from flat in just half an hour.

Fantastic levels of comfort, low running costs and outstanding amounts of space and versatility make the cheap Nissan e-NV200 the perfect choice when buying your next van at Nationwide Cars. You’ll also fully benefit from our significant discounts, great customer service and finance is also available.


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